Chaacetime, The Origins has already attracted more than 10,000 readers in a few months!

“Best Sci-fi book of 2016 for me”

The writing style reminds me so much of Frank Herbert, and that a major plus!”

Chaacetime, The Origins – Book 1

The Machine, whose tower overlooks the City, manages the life of every human being. Thanks to It, Equilibrium is maintained, and everything is under Its control.

Yet, escaping Its stranglehold, dozens of children kill themselves.

The Machine put Baley, Special Agent from the 1st Circle, in charge of the investigation, and forcibly assigns Paul as her teammate. The latter, a researcher in the Ancient Sciences’ lab, shares his time between his work and philosophical discussions with Edgard, the Kandron. Baley resigns herself to accept this unlikely partner, because in her eyes the Machine is perfect and can not be wrong …

Paul and Baley are then caught in a gear, which takes them into the depths of the city and the human soul, into an underground religious sect … and further.

Who or what is responsible? Can the Gateways be a part of the solution? And what about the people living next to the lake, far away from the City?

The Machine … the Equilibrium … The Elders’ dream… the destruction of the Spaces … the future will soon be locked, the Kandrons have seen it.

“Book 3 can’t com soon enough!” Fascinating read”

“Just when I thought the series couldn’t get any better!”

Chaacetime, The Origins- Book 2

Baley and Paul make every effort to solve the “Problem”, and prevent the tragic death of other children. Their investigation leads them from an underground sect to a hurricane come from nowhere, which seems to be the cause of suicides.

Prophetic nightmare, discourse of Egard announcing the worst, the Elder’s dream … Paul sinks into an abyss of questions. Why children, why now? If the cyclone is the trigger for the problem, who or what generates it?

Meanwhile Baley feverishly pursues all leads, harassing the children she considers “at risk” and their families. She even comes to take advice from her own daughter, who thinks the Machine has developed a Machiavellian plan to keep humanity under Its control. For Iris, It is necessarily responsible of the Problem.

As Paul becomes more and more aloof since he saw a strange creature in the hurricane, Iris comes into contact with a half-man-machine-being, Baley is on the brink of madness, and the Machine is secretly working with Other. All spaces are connected …

Who will be able to prevent the advent of Nothingness, the end of all life?

An absolute necessity read notwithstanding for sci-fi fan”

“It’s a page turner for sure”

Chaacetime, The Origins – Book 3

Obsessed by her investigation, Baley is losing ground. Trying to find a solution that escapes her each time a little more, she breaks off from her husband, her daughter and finally from Paul. Alone and hallucinated, she decides to go after a cyclone and throw herself into it, in a desperate attempt to solve the riddle.

Paul, thanks to his new perception of the world, understands that the Problem is the distant and yet predictable consequence of the Elder’s Dream. He must absolutely … differ the beginning, as Edgard has been telling him for a long time. Only then will he be able to save the Spaces of the Nothingness, whose Problem is only the prelude.

While Baley and Paul are struggling with each other, the Index Server, which has defeated the Machines, carries Its plan forward, where humanity has no place. From Permanent Equilibrium to Absolute Stability, then Perfect Synchronization and finally … Extension.

Extension or Extinction?

Discover The Founding Couple. Before the myth, when they were only two teenagers…

O.Space: Arya – a Short Story

“Arya was looking at her hands with pride. She was part of 100 people from the Starting 500 who have survived the transplant operation. She had now 2 microprocessors embedded in her skin, two small black plates adorning the palm of her right hand, part of herself. She gently touched them with her fingers and appreciated the warmth contact.
These electronic circuits were the latest technological innovation from the bio-informatics researchers, comprising of living cells connected by synapses with microprocessors, for optimal compatibility with the human being. These two small circuits would multiply Arya’s intellectual capacities and offer her a direct connection with the Machine…”

Coming Next!

Chaacetime, The Beginning

Chaacetime is coming… Chaacetime is already there… Who or what this is… The beginning and the end are the same place.