Looking For New Talents

Do you want to join the adventure of I Really Love Sci Fi? Please follow the instructions below

What kind of plot?

Sci -fi, sci-fi… and MORE sci-fi!

Time travel, alien invasion, cyberpunk, dystopia,

space opera, post-apocalyptic…

Which language?

English or French.

If you write in French, beware if we decide to publish your work, an English translation will be required of you.


pdf, .doc, .docx only.

Text is:

  • Times new roman font 12pt or more,  arial 10 pt or more
  • 50,000 words at last (NO short stories allowed)
  • Any glossary, maps, lcon, etc. if any should be at the end of the document.

Pages are numbered.

  • First page has to mention your email address and phone number
  • To create your file: Title-yourname.doc (or docx or pdf)

Other files to send?

A biography (not more than a page)
A summary of the plot (no more that 10 pages).
If your book is the first one of a sequel, please add a summary of the following books

Your book has already been published?

Sorry, we ONLY accept a never-before-published book and/or has NEVER been available for sale in any format, anywhere in the past.

How many books can I submit?

You can send only one book at  a time (see below).


You need to submit your book from November 1st, to December 31st. Past due date, your text will NOT be considered.

By doing so, we want to insure proper reading time to each contestant and provide you with faster result.

Final result

Our commitment to you is to give you an answer by February 28, via email.

How do I send my text?

Use the form below. All files must be in the body of the same document along with preferred email address to ensure proper reception.

Use this form to summit your book: