The Story of I Really Love Sci Fi


My name is Chris and I’m going to tell you the story of I Really Love Sci Fi.


Let me take you back 10 years…

At the time, I had an obsession: to create my own computer business. It was my dream ever since.

I had just been laid off so I thought “this is now or never!”

And so I started.

At first everything worked out. I had a good idea and I was a good salesman. But that’s not enough to run a business … and trouble happened quickly.

My wife chose to stop her career (brilliant career! She had become a manager before she was 30), to help me out.

Without her, my business would have sunk, that’s for sure.

Together we succeeded, and the company has been making big profits for 8 years running.

Everything was fine for me. I had realized my dream.

So it was time for me to help my wife realize her own. It was her turn.


Her dream was to become a writer. She had already written a novel, published by a French publisher (we are both French, by the way J ), which had been successful.

But what she wanted above all else was to write science-fiction. And finding a sci-fi publisher in France is almost impossible.

It was up to me to make that possible, because she was talented – no question!. Not possible in France? OK, then let’s publish it in the USA! The country where everything is possible, right?

Once her books were translated into English (to be discovered here), I created the I Really Love Sci Fi publishing house to market them.


And success is there!




I Really Love Sci Fi is the story of a man madly in love with his wife and their complementary talents.

To her the writing, to him the marketing.


Welcome here, welcome to our place.


PS: This is just the beginning … I Really Love Sci-Fi is looking for new authors. Want to join the adventure?